Berghaus Yeti Gaitors

This iconic product from Berghaus has been around in various incarnations for many years- I got my first pair in 1984. There are numerous other old codgers who swear by them; in fact I?ve heard say they are the best product Berghaus ever made.
Essentially the gaiter provides a gore-tex cover for your foot and lower leg and a
tight rubber rand that?s designed to fit really snugly around the circumference of the boot and boost, if not guarantee their waterproofness They also add a little bit of warmth to your boots by putting a membrane between you and the outside. The fit is roomy so trousers can be tucked easily inside, if you like that look
Unfortunately they are a real pig to fit on your boot as the rand is an extremely tight fit? but take heart! The struggle is worth the effort. Depending on the boot a certain amount of ?adaptation? may be needed (to either the boot or the gaitor), namely removing the rubber strip that goes under the ball of the foot if it proves too difficult to stretch around the sole. One tip is to use a spot of superglue or skin-glue to attach the rand to the toe as it is prone to popping off, particularly if the gaiters are fitted to boots with a flexible sole.
Some folks (the strong ones) take the gaiter on or off as and when needed. However I have mine living eternally on my plastic boots (if I took them off I?d never get them on again!). Others will see them as over-kill for summer mountaineering but I?m hoping to one day get a second set for my leather summer boots. My only reservation about this is the effect summer moraine bashing in New Zealand will have on the rubber rand- it may wear it out sooner rather than later.
Despite being clearly more expensive than other gaiters on the market, they are well worth the extra money?waterproof, warm and hard wearing and as a bonus, they?ll increase the lifespan of your boots
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