Black Diamond Expedition Pole review

I go through poles like water!
I either snap them between rocks on the moraine, or break them whacking my crampons to clear the snow.
So it?s with some relief I?ve discovered the Black Diamond ?Expedition? poles. These three section adjustable poles are of all-aluminium construction, and although quite heavy (at 629gms), they are undoubtedly robust. I have even used them as a snow anchor.
The three sections lock together with a plastic ?flick-lock? that has a lever that uses a cam-action to pinch close the lock when the lever is folded into the shaft. These locks are very easy to use, even with gloves on. Occasionally one will come loose, but it?s just a matter of tightening the lock with a Philips screwdriver.
Each section has markings for adjustment, from 85cm to 125cm. The pole as a whole can expand to 125cm (good for stick clipping bolts on sport climbs) and retract down to 57cm (really easy to put inside a pack).
They come with a snow-basket with teeth on the bottom which is good for scraping the snow off the base of your ski boots!
At the end of each pole is a carbide tip which can be pulled out with pliers and replaced. I?ve never had to replace one. These are really sharp and good for poking at hard snow and ice.
The grips are made of two kinds of rubber and are comfortable enough that you never think about them. The straps easily adjusted through a plastic buckle.
The only gripe I have about the ?expedition? poles is their weight- they are rather heavy. I find this especially noticeable when skiing. But if you are after a no-frills, functional, extremely hard wearing set of poles, you can?t go wrong with these.