The countdown is on……and things are falling into place!

Only two weeks until we leave for Afghanistan and things are finally, FINALLY… falling into place!

Our passports made it back from Canberra with their Afghan visas on Monday and the next day Bill and I were off to the Chinese Consulate here in Christchurch. The Chinese visas will be ready next Thursday…a week before we leave, so we can finally stop stressing about whether we will actually have passports to leave the country with.

The equipment and food lists are done; 4WD transport from Dushanbe to the Afghan border organised; and hopefully, another 4WD ordered to take us up the Wakhan, although frankly, I’ll believe it when I see it.

Bill has alot of brand new gear. while Mary Rose is resurrecting gear she hasn’t used in 20 years. Paul will come with his Buffalo ensemble, and I (lucky me!) have been kindly given some fantastic new clothing by Macpac!

Whats more, Adventure Consultants is sponsoring us a ‘Spot Locator Beacon.’Im just hoping one of the others will know how to use i!

Our mystery mountain Rahozon Zom is still a mystery, but that just adds to the ‘character’ of this trip.I’ve been pouring over Google Earth and spotted what Im hoping is a place, amongst all the steepness and glaciation, where we can put a Basecamp.